HSE Policy

By working together, we will meet and exceed our shared objectives for a safe and healthy workplace for all and to minimize the impact of our processes, services and products on the environment.  Management is responsible for the development of a comprehensive health, safety and environmental program, maintaining a working environment as free as possible from actual and potential hazards, and for ensuring the security of everyone.  All supervisors have the responsibility for ensuring that workers have the necessary protective equipment and training on approved work procedures. This will ensure that workers follow safe work policies, procedures and applicable legislation/regulations to prevent accidents and injuries. 
All workers are required to support the Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Program and to make sure that health and safety is a part of their daily routine by following safe work policies, procedures and applicable legislation/regulations.  All workers must report all sub-standard and/or unhealthy conditions or work methods.  Workers are encouraged to adopt safe and healthy lifestyles both on and off the job. 
It is important for all of us to support this commitment to health, safety and environmental excellence.