Company Experience

Suncor Refinery - Fort McMurray, AB
Robotic tank cleaning of crude and tar sand tanks. Removing over 4 m of solids from upgrading division tanks. Also, responsible for cleaning process water tanks at the extraction division.

Husky Energy - Lloyd Minister, Sask
Cleaning of sour crude tanks, H2S treatment to ensure safe manned entry into sour tanks. Also responsible for the Injection of H2S scavenger into storage tanks.

Imperial Oil Refinery - Strathcona, AB
Implemented Pardy`s Robotic tank cleaning system to perform video inspection of 2 condemned tanks. This allowed Imperial oil to see internal tank condition without sending personnel into hazardous confined space situations.

Business Development of New Brunswick -  Miramichi, NB
Responsible for the cleaning of bunker tanker located at the former paper mill. This work also required the cutting of door sheets for equipment access. Pardy`s utilized our ultra-high pressure water blasting with cutting capability.

Imperial oil - Corner Brook, NL / Sydney, NS
Responsible for isolations of tanks, air eduction to lower the tank environment to allow for manned entry, landing internal floating roof tanks, cleaning of tank water draws, tank cleaning, waste disposal including drums, rags, sample bottles. Supply confined space man watch and rescue.

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, NL,
Multi-year service contract.  24/7 on-call service as required.  Wet/dry vacuum truck services, wash truck services, high pressure services, waste removal and disposal.

Aecon, VALE Hydro-Met Processing Plant – Long Harbour, NL
Multi-year service contract.  Wet/dry vacuum truck services, waste removal services, industrial cleaning.

Irving Oil Limited, Saint John, NB
Day to day operational support using wet/dry vac and high pressure cleaning equipment.  Specialty cleaning services at the IOL Rail Terminal and CanaPort Crude Terminal.

KKC, Hebron Gravity Base Structure Project - Bull Arm, NL
Multi-year service contract.  Wet/dry vacuum truck services, waste removal services, industrial cleaning.

Nalcor, Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric Generation Plant Construction – Goose Bay, NL
Vacuum truck services, garbage removal services, waste disposal services.

St. Lawrence Cement (Hibernia Project) – St. John’s, NL
Transfer of 15,000 tons of Portland cement powder from ship to road tankers for shipment to Hibernia GBS construction site (Bull Arm, NL).  Involved design, acquisition and process implementation of specialized dry-vac equipment.

Irving Oil Limited – Various Locations, NL
On-going support at various locations throughout NL.  Include 24/7 emergency response for transportation losses, site remediations, fuel storage tank cleaning and decommissioning, asphalt storage tank cleaning and manned tank entries.

JDI Group – New Brunswick
Day to day vacuum and high pressure service to support operational requirements of a network of industrial facilities including shipping, construction and pulp and paper facilities.

Irving Oil Limited – St. Anthony / Port au Choix, NL
Fuel storage tank and distribution terminal shutdown and decommissioning.  Involved the cleaning, degassing and decommissioning of vertical and horizontal gasoline and fuel tanks.

Teck Resources, Duck Pond Mine – Buchans, NL
Long term service provider for vacuum services, industrial cleaning and waste management in a remotely operated mine in central NL.

Shore Base, Marine Services – St. John’s, NL
Service provider to Terrapure, and various other offshore oil field service providers.  Includes the handling and transportation of various waste streams, tank cleaning services and liquid/dry vacuum services.