Pardy’s has an extensive fleet of Vacuum Trucks and Vacuum tankers to meet your needs. We have the capability for dry, liquid, solid and chemical debris. All of our operators have the necessary training to safely and efficiently perform the work on time and on budget. 

Our Fleet Includes –

  • Liquid Wet Vac
  • Wet/Dry Vac
  • Stainless Liquid Vac
  • Stainless Wet/Dry Vac
  • Vacuum Tankers
  • Stainless Vacuum Tankers
  • Combo Units
  • Sewer flushers
  • Hydro Excavators

Bulk Storage

Pardy’s has several storage tank facility’s.  We have an aggregate capacity in excess on 6 million liters in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.  We also have a rolling fleet of mobile storage tanks that can be used for on-site projects and are available for rent.